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Measures that we take

At Polcan Meat Products & Delicatessen, we closely follow the Alberta Health Services guidelines and we take every precaution to ensure everyone is safe and so that our store can remain open. We’ve listed a few major rules:

We can only allow 15% of the store occupancy that is set by the fire department so we ask our clients to wait outside in line until the staff member lets you into the store.

Please wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

At the store entrance, we have a disinfectant station where we provide a hand sanitizer as well as gloves.

Please keep your distance from other customers – you’ll notice stickers on the floor where you can stand in line.

After you’ve finished shopping, please put the cart back and spray it with the cleaner which is located beside the carts.

disinfectant entrance station.png

Please avoid shopping as a family. We advise you to choose one person from the household who does the shopping.

Thank you for your cooperation, your understanding and for supporting our local business!

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